The Files

The Files is a moving story of the invigilation of Teatr Ósmego Dnia, its founders and actors by the Secret Service of PRL (The People's Republic of Poland).

The performance is based on the documents extracted from the archives of IPN and presenting operational activities of SB (Secret Service) towards Ewa Wójciak, Tadeusz Janiszewski, Marcin Kęszycki, Adam Borowski, which ended in the forcible emigration of the company in the 80-ties.

The Fury

The Fury is a multimedia show based on documental materials about the uprising in June, 1956. Stark records entwine with a vision and metaphor encompassed in the processed images.

The Arc

The Arc still reminds us that we live in the age of refugees, vagrants, and nomads, who wander through the continents and try to warm their souls by the memories of spiritual or ethical, heavenly or geographical, real or delusional home. In the performance, this home is symbolized by a huge, winged ship - a multistoried, movable stage, which represents alternating embodiments

I rozstawili namiot wśród nas

When the men on stage finish building their shelter, they take a cheerful selfie. And later, in a humorous, pantomimic scene, they perform a traditional, theatrical announcement about turning off cell phones, not taking photos, and not recording everything that is happening on the stage. Because of their routine, impersonal movements, they remind us of flight attendants on planes,


The performance makes an attempt to present the rulers of this world, the celebrities, who throw the golden rain of bling-bling, who shine and have fun at the cost of the ordinary people, and - alienated from the reality - decide about their fate. With skepticism, they admit to their cluster the newcomer from the iron curtain, arriving in a primitive vehicle - and finally, they invite him to a great feast...

The Time of Mothers

As part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of The Poznań June Uprising '56, Teatr Ósmego Dnia presented a performance set up as a series of images and events taking place within multistoried space, telling a story of motherhood and death with the language of grotesque and drama.

The Imprisoned

The Imprisoned was created thanks to the cooperation of theatre and correctional facility, and based on a certain kind of confession of some prisoners serving their years at the „Młyn” ("The Mill"). During this one hour performance, through the actors' work, we come to know the figures of young men, who have the records of brutal assault and battery, arson, extortion, and theft.

The children of (R)evolution?

We do not wish for wars. We do not miss the revolution. We live during the most enduring period of peace in Europe, and still, something pushes us towards the abyss of fratricidal conflicts. In our performance, we are trying to look closely at the nature of this phenomenon

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