The performance makes an attempt to present the rulers of this world, the celebrities, who throw the golden rain of bling-bling, who shine and have fun at the cost of the ordinary people, and - alienated from the reality - decide about their fate. With skepticism, they admit to their cluster the newcomer from the iron curtain, arriving in a primitive vehicle - and finally, they invite him to a great feast, whose main dish is a live man turned into a carcass. [...] Children's toy guns appear in the hands of the heroes, a war game begins, as though in youthful plays or in computer games, and finally, the colorful world transforms into monochromatic-steel war formation. A sudden leap from a joke, mockery, and the feast to the open aggression ensues.

The world of the rulers is juxtaposed with the world of new generations - the young people, who choose a different life, another style altogether. These two realities are confronted in the show. Some scenes of the performance refer to the movies of Luis Buñuel: The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie and The Phantom of Liberty.

Summit 2.0 is a monumental, outdoor actors' performance, presented in the open spaces, making use of movable objects and spectacular video projections, which transform and develop images unfolding in the live set.

The premiere: October, 2014

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