The Imprisoned

The Imprisoned was created thanks to the cooperation of theatre and correctional facility, and based on a certain kind of confession of some prisoners serving their years at the „Młyn” ("The Mill"). During this one hour performance, through the actors' work, we come to know the figures of young men, who have the records of brutal assault and battery, arson, extortion, and theft.

Apart from that, they conceal in their memory some sparse, happy memories, women, remorse and their dreams. The greatest strength of the performance is that the clear-cut opposition, with which we sit comfortably in the designated seats – WE/US/OUR (decent and solid lives, happy childhoods, exemplary relationships) – YOU/YOU/YOUR (crimes, lies, pathologies) – not without OUR very resistance, is significantly compromised.

The Imprisoned. Młyńska 1 is a performance drawing from life without retouching: the life which is failed, shoved off the right track and savaged. This performance makes us realize the need to explore peripheries, places which we know that exist, but which we prefer to look at from a comfortable distance, knowing that they do not concern us, that we have nothing to do with them.

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